zelda la grange

Story of Madiba and Zelda set for the big screen

The best-selling book by Zelda la Grange that covers the years she spent as the private secretary to Nelson Mandela during and after his presidency is set to become a film, with the rights to the book optioned by Bafta- and Golden Globe-winning US production company Maven Pictures.

Bikers do it for Nelson Mandela

With helmets on their heads and leather riding boots protecting their feet, bikers selflessly travel across South Africa each year, stopping off to help where they are needed. This year, among their many outreach activities, Bikers for Nelson Mandela Day will hand over handmade blankets.

Zelda La Grange – gatekeeper and honorary granddaughter

For nearly two decades, Zelda La Grange was Nelson Mandela's right-hand woman and she got a rare, intimate insight into the man. And in so doing, he transformed her utterly. In her memoirs, Good Morning, Mr Mandela she pens her close relationship with the apartheid icon.

The comfort of a warm blanket

On Nelson Mandela Day, thousands of blankets will be handed to underprivileged people, knitted or crocheted by dedicated "knit wits" around the world. It's all part of a campaign spearheaded by Carolyn Steyn, who is doing her bit to play her part for the common good.

Mandela and the making of a woman

Zelda La Grange grew up cocooned in white Afrikaner privilege, terrified of "the terrorist in jail". But her story is one for all South Africa: she became Nelson Mandela's personal secretary, and in doing so moved beyond the narrow confines of prejudice of all kinds.