yellow fever

Kenyan filmmaker takes on race and women

Skin-bleaching agents, weaves – these are the norm for many African women pressured into trying to fit a media stereotype of beauty. One female filmmaker decided to question this Western way of doing things in an animated documentary.

South Africa updates yellow fever requirements

Travellers from countries recently declared by the World Health Organisation as having a low risk of yellow fever transmission - including Zambia, Tanzania and Somalia - will no longer be required to produce proof of the vaccination when they arrive in South Africa.

Mozzie candle creates buzz

South African indigenous herbal knowledge and modern technology have come together to create a recipe for success in an insect-repelling candle that is proven to surpass other similar products.
Homegrown malaria test kit lauded

The quick guide to South Africa

What languages do South Africans speak? Is South Africa a democracy? Are there big cities with modern amenities? Are the roads tarred? How far will my money go? ... You've got three minutes to spare? Here's the lowdown on why South Africa's going to surprise you.