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World Bank predicts economic growth in sub-Saharan Africa

The economic outlook for sub-Saharan Africa is cautiously optimistic, according to the World Bank report on African economies, Africa’s Pulse. Brand South Africa reporter The 15th...

South African economy well positioned to recover from current slowdown

Brand South Africa notes the statement by the South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry that the country’s Business Confidence Index has fallen to its lowest level since 1993.

South African policies help to reduce poverty, says World Bank

Tight fiscal policy and well-targeted social support, such as child and disability grants and free basic services, have helped to lift millions of people out of poverty. If South Africa can ride out external factors, the World Bank states, its economy will grow and its social programmes will continue.

World Bank investment in Africa at record levels

The World Bank Group has announced it spent a whopping US15.3-billion on development projects in sub-Saharan Africa during the financial year from July 2013 to June 2014 – a new record – most of it in zero-interest credits and grants from the International Development Association, the bank's fund for the poorest countries.

Strong showing in global competitiveness

South Africa ranks at a respectable 53rd in the World Economic Forum's Global Competitiveness Report. It is second among the Brics countries, and many aspects of its financial sector are the best in the world.

Slow but steady: South Africa’s economy on the upward path

International economists predict steady growth in the South African economy over the next year, one sign that the country is increasingly competitive globally – and is attracting substantial interest from Chinese investors.

WEF Davos 2014: Keeping up with a fast-changing world

Profound political, economic, social and technological forces are transforming our world, according to the World Economic Forum. The trick is in how the world responds - a topic the forum will address at its annual Davos gathering in late January. And South Africa will be there.

On the road to WEF

Brand South Africa will be in Davos for the annual World Economic Forum meeting of world leaders. It will be in Switzerland to tell the story of the country's achievements in the past 20 years of democracy, and to speak about the way forward.

Maloti-Drakensberg Project

The World Bank has committed over R60-million towards the creation of a massive transfrontier conservation and development programme encompassing areas in the Eastern Cape, KwaZulu-Natal, Free State and Lesotho.