Irish group lands South Africa wind farm

Two wind farms, with a generating capacity of 250 megawatts and representing an investment of R5.9-billion, will be built by the Irish company, Mainstream Renewable Power. The wind farms are in the Nama Khoi municipality in Northern Cape and in the Cape Winelands district.

Atlantis wind turbine plant will spur South African economy

The Gestamp Renewable Industries wind tower manufacturing plant in Atlantis will not only expand South Africa’s industrial base, but will breathe life into a town afflicted by social and economic challenges.

South Africa’s Sere wind farm plugged in

Eskom’s first large scale renewable energy project, the Sere wind farm, in the Western Cape has been plugged into the national grid, with the ability to light up some 30 000 homes.

SA wind power: not just a breeze

South Africa has an abundance of wind resources, and - coupled with its vast tracts of open land and infrastructure - the potential to become a "wind powerhouse", according to pioneers in search of sustainable energy solutions for the country.