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South Africa’s green nation status improves – Global Status Report

The world experienced its largest increase in green, renewable energy in 2015, adding over 147 gigawatts of wind, solar and other...

Nigerian student builds solar car from scrap

The thing with solar-powered cars is that you can only drive them during the day. It's a problem solved by Nigerian student Segun Oyeyiola, who added a wind turbine to his Beetle. Now he can drive all night, too.

Electrify Africa: bringing light to the dark continent

Half-a-billion people in Africa have no access to a reliable electricity supply and must use expensive and unhealthy alternatives, like diesel generators. With its Power Africa initiative, the US and its partners plan to change this. It is perhaps the largest of several projects on the go.

US unveils African power initiative

The United States will lead an initiative aimed at doubling access to electric power across sub-Saharan Africa, US President Barack Obama announced during an address at the University of Cape Town on Sunday.

UK energy scheme uses SA wind turbine

South African wind turbine company Kestrel Renewable Energy, a subsidiary of battery manufacturer Eveready, has been awarded United Kingdom certification for its small wind turbine, which will be used for the UK's feed-in tariff scheme.

Biogas project uplifts community

Researchers at South Africa’s University of Cape Town are examining how to convert organic waste into biogas, which would alleviate disposal problems and help poor residents, particularly those in informal settlements, save on energy costs.
Portable plant makes fuel from waste

Easy way to back renewable energy

Nedbank has developed South Africa’s first investment product, the Green Savings Bond, for environment-minded citizens who want to save more and at the same time participate in funding renewable energy projects in the country.
SA becoming a renewable energy hub

Gas power to assist SA, Mozambique

Plans for a gas-fired power plant to supply electricity to South Africa and Mozambique for two years have been unveiled by UK-based power specialist Aggreko and South African investment company Shanduka.

Power from South Africa’s wind

The Darling Wind Farm has shown that the generation of renewable energy from wind is achievable in South Africa, and that the industry has a viable future in the country.
SA’s future renewable energy mecca

Primary schools get a helping hand

Uniforms, stationery and a vegetable tunnel were donated to underprivileged schools by Nedbank through its Back-to-School programme, one of the bank's many investments in education.
Needy pupils kitted out for school