West Coast

West Coast One helps to power South Africa

The 94 megawatt wind farm north of Cape Town, West Coast One, is up and running. Costing R2.2-billion, it will offset an estimated 5.6 million tons of carbon dioxide over the next 20 years. The project is a partnership between Engie, Investec and Kagiso Tiso Holdings.

Watch: The Life Project – South Africa in 11 minutes

American exchange student Brendan Coli spent four months in South Africa in 2014, during which he filmed video every day. He has compressed his footage into a remarkable 11-minute 30-second video that reveals the remarkable character of the country, through an outsider's eyes.

Cape bones add new chapter to human history

Out of Africa always something new, or in this case something very old. An ancient skeleton unearthed on the Cape's West Coast has provided a new DNA variant. Researchers have found he belonged to the earliest group of humans to diverge from "Mitochondrial Eve", our common ancestor.

South Africa’s west coast explodes in colour

It's "flower safari" time as South Africa's West Coast National Park prepares for its annual influx of visitors, come to see the spectacular spring flower displays that take place every August and September.