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The Met in New York showcases 100 years of West African photography

West Africa's rich photographic tradition is getting worldwide attention at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. The exhibition showcases nearly 80 portraits from countries such as Ghana, Senegal and Sierra Leone dating back to the 1870s.

West Africa rises to the occasion

West Africa rises to the occasion

Renting a car in West Africa now means you can offset your carbon emissions by generating credits from the distribution of energy efficient stoves in Ivory Coast following the first carbon credits transaction involving a seller and a buyer in the region.

Ivory Coast take on ice bucket challenge helps fight Ebola

Bloggers in the West African country of Ivory Coast are using a "soap bucket challenge" on social media to raise awareness about the deadly Ebola virus, and educate the people on how to avoid infection.

SA Airways wins 'on time' award

SAA continues flights to West Africa

South African Airways will continue to operate in West Africa despite the Ebola outbreak, in line with World Health Organisation recommendations, while stepping up measures to protect its passengers, crew and ground staff, the airline said on Wednesday.

Benin gallery keeps African art in Africa

The first contemporary art museum in West Africa is putting the tiny country of Benin on the art map. The free museum, called the...

Benin gallery keeps African art in Africa

Contemporary African art is carving a niche in the West African town of Ouidah, Benin. Known more for its slave trade and voodoo roots, the region is starting to draw visitors more interested in the arts and culture. It is also offering a space for expatriate artists to show their work at home for the first time.

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