South Africa’s continued progression through the lens of the 2022 Census

In recent years, South Africa has experienced significant demographic shifts, marked notably by a growing population, with a substantial portion of this growth attributed...

Are RED Hubs the answer to sustainable rural development?

Rural Eastern Cape could undergo economic regeneration as the province invests in new agriculture initiatives. Sulaiman Philip Urbanisation seems inevitable in South Africa as people are...

A Thousand Tales of Johannesburg, a city like no other

The spell-binding new novel by South African playwright and author Harry Kalmer, A Thousand Tales of Johannesburg, describes Africa’s greatest city as a living, breathing...

Full text: the mini budget

Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan and his team before the delivery of the mini budget on 26 October 2016. (Image: National Treasury, Facebook) Compiled by Priya...

Johannesburg and Cape Town: Africa’s Emerging Gateways

Global cities are the new centres of innovation and prosperity. Magnets for talent and drivers of growth. New research by the Brookings Institution rates...

South African academics: uncertainty affecting nation brand

Indepth analysis by some of the country's top academics highlighted domestic issues influencing the reputation and competitiveness of the nation's brand, at a Brand...

Africa’s Great Green Wall to stop the spreading Sahara

The Great Green Wall of Africa is an AU vision to create an enormous belt of trees running for 7 000 kilometres along the southern border of the Sahara, from the west coast all the way to the east. A plan to stop desertification, it's been described as a "daring endeavour in human history, a real world wonder".

Done right, urbanisation can boost living standards in Africa

Africa is urbanising later and at a lower income level than other developing regions, which means policy makers can learn from the successes and failures of other countries. Done right, urbanisation could significantly raise both productivity and living standards across the continent.

Africa’s youth population can lift the continent

The youth population is big and is growing; urbanisation is growing even faster. These factors present possibilities and pitfalls: a young population may be dynamic and bring economic advantages but at the same time, too many young people raises the potential for conflict.

‘Game-changers’ for the Western Cape: 2015 State of the Province Address

In her State of the Province Address delivered on Friday 20 February, Premier Helen Zille outlined the Western Cape government's five strategic goals to build a highly skilled, innovation driven, resource efficient, connected and high opportunity society for all. Read the full speech here.