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Press Release: iEntrepreneur – a Week of Entrepreneurship at Wits

Johannesburg, 30 August, 2017 - Unemployment among the youth of South Africa has reached an ‘all time high’ and young people need to step...

Cancer discovered in fossils in South Africa

The rise of cancer in humans is often attributed to modern lifestyles. But two recent discoveries in fossils in South Africa show that cancer...

Brand South Africa hails discovery of Homo naledi

Brand South Africa applauds the team of scientists from the University of the Witwatersrand and other volunteers, on their discovery of a new species of human relative – Homo naledi – at the Cradle of Humankind.

South African PhD student describes new dinosaur

A Wits University student is one of the authors of a report published in Scientific Reports that describes a new dinosaur found on a Free State farm. Named Pulanesaurus eocollum, it was "relatively small' at 8m long and weighing 5 tons.

South Africa’s Mboweni goes to university

Tito Mboweni, a former governor of the Reserve Bank, is to become an honorary professor at the University of the Witwatersrand, in the School of Economics and Business Sciences. He says he is delighted, while Wits welcomes his political and economic savvy.

Karoo rocks explain mass extinction

A decades-long study of the rocks in South Africa's Karoo has revealed that a single cataclysmic event on land and sea led to the Permian extinction, when life on Earth nearly came to an end. It happened about 200 million years before the dinosaurs died out, and was more severe.

Wits to offer free online courses for Africans

Students from Africa and the rest of the world will now be able to access Wits University's expertise in a range of fields - from economics to the palaeosciences - through the South African institution's partnership with edX, a non-profit initiative founded by MIT and Harvard.

Liberian entrepreneurs build South African networks

The Branson Centre in Joburg has been training and helping entrepreneurs in Gauteng for nearly a decade. This year, with funding from American charity Humanity United, it accepted its first batch of businesspeople from Liberia into the foundation course. It has opened the way to expanding the centre's reach.

HIV: students urged to take the test

South Africa has launched "First Things First", an HIV counselling, testing and education campaign targeting more than 30 000 first-year students at 18 universities countrywide.

Final call for journalism award

The University of the Witwatersrand’s Investigative Journalism Workshop, in conjunction with the Valley Trust, is launching its last call for entries for South Africa’s biggest journalism award, the Taco Kuiper Award.
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