Tech in Africa is creating new frontiers for the continent and is rising rapidly against the rest of the world, drawing investment opportunities in...

Automobile industry growing the South African economy

The development of South Africa’s auto industry is critical to the government’s economic development strategy, but the effects of the epidemic forced car manufacturers...

South Africa can be a technology leader

The country – and the rest of the continent – has the potential to be a disruptor, by using ICT and the size of...

Morocco set to become Africa’s solar superpower

Concentrated solar power is one of the fastest growing energy technologies, and Africa is leading the way. In addition to several South African solar thermal plants operating or under construction, Morocco's Noor plant, set to become the largest in Africa, begins its first phase this month.

Transnet: Ports still the best ‘Gateway into Africa’

Transnet Port Terminals is determined to optimise planning and co-operation with its sister divisions, as well as invest aggressively in new infrastructure and its people without breaking the bank, to gain a stronger regional presence in Africa, says the unit's chief executive, Karl Socikwa.

Philips to undertake sixth Cape to Cairo roadshow

For the past five years, the focus of the Cape Town to Cairo trek has been Millennium Development Goals 4 and 5. This year, mother and child health will still be a priority, with a shift towards the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. More innovative solutions are expected.

Elon Musk reveals battery to power homes

A solar-powered battery that allows home owners to go completely off-grid has been unveiled by South African-born and raised technology entrepreneur Elon Musk, who believes his company's latest innovation will help change the "entire energy infrastructure of the world".

Mobile money is transforming Africa’s economy

A "disruptive innovation", mobile bank accounts have taken off across Africa, particularly in Kenya, where the alternative to traditional banking has spread rapidly and outstrips technology available in the US and Europe.

Nanotechnology to curb water pollution in mining

The problem of acid water draining from abandoned mine dumps and shafts has long seemed insurmountable, with some estimates putting the pollution on the Witwatersrand as high as 350 litres a day. New technology from Dow Sub-Saharan Africa is finally offering a solution.

South African innovation sets pace for mining industry

The adoption of new technologies in the mining sector and innovation around robotics and mechanisation is helping to enhance South Africa's global competitiveness, writes Brand SA board member Rick Mennell.