Brexit: How can Africa benefit?

Africa may benefit from Brexit, but it must be through technological advancement and not through its commodities. Britain voting to leave the European Union...

Next Einstein Forum looks for Africa’s leaders

Can the next Einstein come from Africa? In the run up to the Next Einstein Forum's first global gathering for science in Africa this month, it has called on game changers from Africa and around the world to support a new era in science and technology on the continent.

Smart cities need innovative citizens

THe notion of a city, where the creative ideas of its entire population can be gathered and used for solving urban problems and improving living conditions, is not far off, say experts.
Social participation key to efficient cities

Bow and arrow invented in South Africa?

South African archaeologists have found the earliest evidence of human-made stone-tipped arrows, that push the emergence of bow-and-arrow technology back 20 000 years and throw light on humanity's cognitive development.
South Africa's mammal-like croc discovery

Google goes mobile in Africa

Internet giant Google is targeting Africa's mobile phone users with the introduction, starting in Uganda, of Google SMS, a suite of mobile applications which will allow people to access news, information and advice on health, agriculture, weather, sport and more via SMS (text).

Pan-African maths event in SA

South Africa is hosting the 19th Pan-African Mathematics Olympiad, an annual event organised by the African Mathematical Union that brings together the brightest minds on the continent.

JSE’s new agri derivatives platform

The JSE's Agricultural Products Market has introduced a new derivatives trading platform that makes use of new technologies to allow for greater functionality and increased automation, especially in the completion of futures contracts.

Digital television for SA

South Africa is in the process of switching from analogue to digital broadcasting, and soon the country will join many other parts of the world in enjoying better sound and picture quality, more channels and language options, and interactive services.

New sites for humankind’s cradle

The Taung fossil site and Mokapane's Valley have been incorporated into South Africa's Cradle of Humankind World Heritage site. Together, the sites have been key to tracing humankind's journey from its beginnings to the present day.

Breaking the America’s Cup mould

South Africa's America's Cup challenger has unveiled its new, ultra hi-tech hull. The Shosholoza RSA 83 is the first America's Cup class yacht to be designed and built in South Africa - and the first in the world to meet the new Version 5.0 rule of the 2007 America's Cup.