A new day will dawn in Africa Brand SA’s Africa Day initiative focuses on harnessing African unity in response to Covid-19 The ensemble features...

South Africa’s commercial radio stations

A guide to South Africa's commercial radio stations, which includes what each offers, what frequency to tune into and where the broadcasting areas are. Brand...

Kenya’s take on Adele’s “Hello”

Kenyan Afropop singer Dela Maranga has offered a fresh take on the popular song Hello from Brit singer Adele. Maranga sings the song in Swahili and it's going viral on YouTube. It has already been viewed more than 250 000 times.

How Africa tweets

Johannesburg and Cairo are the most active on Twitter, according to new research by Portland Communications. English, French and Arabic are the most common languages, accounting for over 75% of all tweets on the continent. But African languages, notably isiZulu, Swahili, Afrikaans and isiXhosa, are making an increasingly strong showing.

Google tests TV white space in SA

Search engine giant Google has launched the first TV white space trial in South Africa, providing wireless broadband over a "white space" network to 10 schools in Cape Town in a test project that aims to help establish a new model for internet connectivity in developing countries.

Kenya takes banking to the poor

Using the penetration of mobile phones as a starting point, banking has been brought to lower-income Kenyans and the diaspora in M-Pesa, the most advanced mobile payment system in the developing world.
Cheap, clean lighting for Kenya

Cheap, clean lighting for Kenya

Mobile technology, pay-as-you-go and the country's abundant sunshine are being harnessed to provide cheap lighting to low income and rural Kenyans, without the risks and pollution associated with the kerosene lamps that were the lighting of necessity until d.light came on to the market.
• Hi-tech shacks for better living

Choral singing, South African style

The award-winning Kearsney College Choir from KwaZulu-Natal will capture the world's attention with a performance at The Rhythms of One World international choir festival at the UN headquarters in New York in June.
Music fest in South Africa's Darling

Visa buys South Africa’s Fundamo for $110m

Fundamo, a South African-based company specialising in mobile phone-based financial services, has been bought by Visa for US$110-million (R741-million) – a deal which could draw other multinationals to invest in locally developed technology.
Mobile money grows in Africa

Remembering Enoch Sontonga

Enoch Mankayi Sontonga died in obscurity on 18 April 106 years ago, aged just 33. But he left an indelible legacy. His hymn “Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrika” (God bless Africa) went on to become the continent’s most famous anthem of black struggle against oppression.
Building bridges with classical music