Food and culture celebrated in District Six cookbook

District Six Huis Kombuis Food and Memory is a cookbook that combines peoples' stories with food, a binding force in the community. Compiled by...

Safer stoves for all township homes

The creators of a clean cookstove urge businesses to step in and help out families that have no electricity, as part of their social responsibility. And they promise their appliances are safer than paraffin stoves.

A safer, more efficient stove for low-income households

Working with households in the HaMakuya district in Limpopo province enabled the University of Johannesburg's Chris Bradnum to design a biomass stove for rural and low-income communities that is safer, more efficient, and kinder to the environment.

Cheap, clean lighting for Kenya

Mobile technology, pay-as-you-go and the country's abundant sunshine are being harnessed to provide cheap lighting to low income and rural Kenyans, without the risks and pollution associated with the kerosene lamps that were the lighting of necessity until d.light came on to the market.
• Hi-tech shacks for better living

Africa’s greenest hotel for Cape Town

Already known as an innovation hub and renowned for the excellence of its hospitality offerings, Cape Town will soon be the home of the most eco-friendly hotel on the continent, with construction soon to start on the cutting-edge Hotel Verde.
Green buildings now the law in SA

COP 17 solar legacy for rural areas

South African President Jacob Zuma has launched a UN Climate Change Conference legacy project that uses solar energy to power geysers and lighting at schools and clinics in rural KwaZulu-Natal.