Building care workers’ psychological resilience

Working with traumatised children is psychologically demanding; the Zakheni Arts Therapy Foundation helps care workers look after their own wellbeing as they care for the vulnerable, and helps introduce creative arts tools into psychological support.

Inner city kids learn about film

With Film + School, children from under-resourced schools are exposed to the art of storytelling through film. From the films, experts and their own exploration, they learn about genre and structure, including fiction, documentary and animated film.
 Education at the movies

Nollybooks: Literacy with love

“Chris Rock, the American comedian, jokes that if you want to hide something from a black person, put it in a book. Let’s prove him wrong and let’s get reading, sistas!” That call to action comes from Sis’ Nolly, the face of Nollybooks, a new South African romance imprint aiming to make readers out of young black women.

Computer, this is my story

Once upon a time in Africa, there was a computer programme that allowed you to create your own stories by choosing your own characters, selecting the backgrounds to your scenes, and writing your own dialogue - in your own language. It was called Storymaker ...