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South African bank notes

How South Africans spend their income

The Living Conditions Survey from Statistics South Africa gives insight into how South Africans spend their income. The biggest expenses are housing and utilities. Brand...
UN Data Forum

UN Data Forum: stats can improve lives

The first United Nations World Data Forum was held in Cape Town. With more and more data circulating, it can be used to improve...
Mother and baby

Popular baby names in South Africa

A report revealed by Statistics South Africa has unveiled the most popular names for babies in the country for last year. Overall, the names that have made it into the top 10 list have a positive meaning. Stats SA also reported that slightly more male babies were born in the last two decades.
R10bn jobs-saving initiative

South Africa’s unemployment rate falls

In its Quarterly Labour Force Survey, Statistics South Africa reports that the unemployment rate fell to 25% in the second quarter. Statistician-general Pali Lehohla said there had been growth in employment since 2011, even though it fluctuated. Most jobs were in the formal sector.
South Africa's tourism

South Africa’s tourism, food sectors grow

The tourism, food, and beverages sector is performing well, according to the latest figures from Stats SA. Income has risen year-on-year for accommodation, particularly for caravan parks and camp sites, while total income in the food and beverages industries is up more than 8%.
More South Africans have access to services

More South Africans have access to services

Living conditions in South Africa have improved over the past 12 years, according to the General Household Services. More households have access to improved sanitation - flush or pit toilets - piped water and electricity, says Statistics South Africa.
GDP growth slows

GDP growth slows, jobless numbers up

Gross domestic product growth slowed in the first quarter of the year, according to Statistics South Africa. Contributors to the increase included mining, finance and business services sectors. It also said the unemployment rate rose to 26.4% from 24.3% in the last quarter of 2014.

South Africa’s tourism sector set to grow

There have been some challenges and new visa rules need to be taken on board, but the World Travel and Tourism Council expects the sector to expand this year well above the 2% growth predicted for the broader economy. Employment levels are also expected to rise.
New pipeline to secure fuel supply

Fuel price helps ease inflation

South Africa's Consumer Price Index dropped to 4.4% in January 2015 - its lowest level since April 2011, Stats SA announced on Wednesday. Economists say inflation is expected to drop further in February as the significant fuel price decreases continue to filter through.
South Africa to 'take growth initiative'

SA makes ‘intensive investment’ in infrastructure

As the country battles with an erratic power supply, recent financial data from Statistics South Africa indicates increased investment by players in the electricity, gas and water supply industry, with capital expenditure rising by almost 92% to R24,3- billion in the third quarter 2014.
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