An overview of the history of South African art

South Africa is home to some of the world's most ancient and beautiful art - the rock paintings of the San. It's also the scene of a host of diverse and challenging contemporary artists producing important new work.

South African literature

An overview of the main currents in South African literature, from Olive Schreiner's depiction of life on isolated Karoo farms to more recent work...

Sophiatown: recalling the loss

It was on 9 February 1955 that the forced removal of over 60 000 people from Sophiatown began. Fifty years on, the City of Johannesburg pays tribute to the sons and daughters of its lost suburb.

King Kong swings back on to South African stages

The massively successful King Kong musical is back on South African stages. More than half a century ago, it helped to launch the careers...

21 human rights all South Africans enjoy today

Apartheid laws were designed to segregate South Africa’s population in terms of race. The majority suffered discrimination in terms of education, economic rights, social standing, and eventually even citizenship. Today, the Bill of Rights enshrines many rights denied in the past.

Remembering Thandi Klaasen, South African singer 1931-2017

Legendary South African jazz singer Thandi Klaasen died on 15 January 2017 after a short battle with pancreatic cancer. The news was announced by...

District Six lives again, 35 years later

When District Six residents were forcibly removed from their homes in the 1960s and 70s, going back seemed an impossible dream. Now, former residents and their descendants are moving back home, to return the area's streets to their former vibrancy.

Cape Town Jazz Safari, with Andulela Experience

Cape jazz captures the story of the Mother City with its fusion of "Cape Coons" carnival music and rhythms from Europe, Asia, and Africa. Now, tour operator Andulela Experience offers a jazz safari that allows visitors to explore this unique sound through interactive tours across the city.

‘I only ever wanted to dance’

Teenage ballet dancer Michaela DePrince survived a brutal civil war, adapted to a new life in a faraway country, and today is one of the US’s most promising young artists and an inspiration to disadvantaged children.
They come to dance…and grow

Jazz Day to break down barriers

Hugh Masekela and Angelique Kidjo were two of the many music stars who celebrated the first-ever International Jazz Day on 30 April, proclaimed by Unesco to help raise awareness about the popular music genre’s force for peace, dialogue and cooperation.
Music fest in SA’s Darling