Gift of the Givers: 25 years of philanthropy: Owen Williams

In a series of five articles, we share stories from Gift of the Givers volunteers in their own words as the organisation marks its...

Gift of the Givers: 25 years of philanthropy: Dr YM Essack: medical co-ordinator

South Africa is a unique and amazing nation; the spirit of ubuntu lives in us. In a series of five articles, we share stories...

State of the Nation Address 2017: full speech

In his State of the Nation Address, President Jacob Zuma declared 2017 the year of Oliver Reginald Tambo, who would have been 100 had...

Film Africa takes African stories to the world

28 October 2016 The Film Africa film festival, hosted by the Royal African Society, is considered the premier global film event for showcasing African filmmaking....

Here’s where South Africans can travel without a visa

South Africa has the most powerful passport on the African continent, with its citizens able to enter a full 90 countries across the world...

From Mogadishu to Mayfair: Somali diaspora finds home in Johannesburg

During apartheid, Somalia took in South Africans fleeing from an oppressive government. In recent times, South Africa has had to pay back the favour, taking in Somali refugees running from a civil war. In Johannesburg, particularly, Somalis have found a home in a bustling neighbourhood where their entrepreneurial spirit can thrive: Mayfair.

Dadaab: the camp that’s changing the world’s view on refugees

A transit camp to house Somalis fleeing war has, over two decades, become the largest refugee camp in the world. Now its 360 000 residents face an uncertain future as the Kenyan government announces its closure.

South Africa is a top destination for asylum seekers

People seeking asylum are flocking to South Africa because of its laudable asylum policy. South Africa, however, can improve on certain issues, including how it handles people seeking refuge in the country, says a United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees representative.

Death penalty declines in Africa

Most countries in Africa have either abolished the death penalty, or are on the way to doing so. But a handful of countries has led the number of "state-sanctioned killings" to rise, according to Amnesty International. Nigeria, Somalia and Sudan accounted for more than 90% of these in 2013.

Africa rising

Africa’s time is now. In academic studies, institutional reports, business journals and the mass media a new story about Africa is emerging: one of growth, progress, peace, potential and profitability.
Zimbabwe ready for investors