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Opening Address by President Cyril Ramaphosa at the Second South Africa Investment Conference

Opening Address by President Cyril Ramaphosa at the Second South Africa Investment Conference6 November 2019, Sandton Convention Centre, JohannesburgProgramme Director, Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen,It is...

Africa’s first foot-powered football field

Senegalese-American singer and philanthropist Akon has partnered with a British clean-tech startup in a remarkable renewable energy project in Lagos, Nigeria: a soccer venue powered by football players' energy. The possibilities stretch to powering whole villages.

SAIREC: the importance of renewable energy

The first International Renewable Energy Conference was held on African soil in Cape Town from 4 to 7 October. It was agreed that Africa could make use of its abundant natural resources to create sustainable energy. South Africa's progress in the field was also highlighted. Delegates declared they would upscale and mainstream renewables to achieve a global energy transition.

Maasai women lead solar revolution in Kenya

Rural communities in Kenya are benefitting from a solar power drive by Green Energy Africa. Maasai women buy the equipment from the organisation, sell it for a small profit, and are empowered to install it themselves.

South Africa on track for more solar power

With a total installed capacity of 82.5MW, the Pulida solar power plant near Kimberley will be able to generate more than 150 gigawatt hours per year once fully operational - or about the annual energy consumption of nearly 50 000 households. It is Enel's second plant in South Africa.

Robben Island to turn to solar power

The World Heritage site will be retrofitted for solar power in the pilot phase of the Department of Tourism's Tourism Incentive Programme. In time, solar power will be installed in the country's botanical gardens, South African National Parks and world heritage sites.

EcoBoxx helps micro entrepreneurs

amandla-project---thumbCommunity Chest searches for ways to help people get out of the poverty trap. Its EcoBoxx Entrepreneur Kit and Amandla! project do just this. Rather than simply handing out charity, they allow people to earn their own livings and so contribute to the economy.

Nigerian student builds solar car from scrap

The thing with solar-powered cars is that you can only drive them during the day. It's a problem solved by Nigerian student Segun Oyeyiola, who added a wind turbine to his Beetle. Now he can drive all night, too.

South Africa opens its biggest solar plant

A new solar power plant in South Africa's Northern Province can produce 180 000 megawatt-hours of energy a year for South African residents, enough to power up 80 000 homes. The Jasper plant was completed two months ahead of schedule and will help the country meet its critical electricity needs.

Eskom Expo for Young Scientists builds South Africa’s science capital

To ensure that Africa’s young scientists get the support they need, the Eskom Expo for Young Scientists exposes pupils from across the continent to new ideas, projects, teachers and each other building the continent’s science capital.