Red and Yellow investment reaps rewards

Red and Yellow's mission is to counter the increasing income gap by arming underprivileged people with the knowledge and skills they need to compete...

Their future their choice

Through teaching young people skills and values such as tolerance, perseverance and resilience, Life Choices helps them to overcome their challenges and be the...

Vuk’uzenzele: How to start a business in South Africa

How to start a business Infographic thumbAs part of our Vuk’uzenzele series, we will look at how ordinary South Africans can play their part and use their entrepreneurial skills to not only better their lives. We kick-off with a guide on how to start your own business.

Siyabonga Africa helps people get back up

Skate thumbFrom humble beginnings as a feeding scheme in the 1980s, Siyabonga Africa has grown to include entrepreneurship programmes and business skills that incorporate food security.

Vocational training can help South Africa

Vocational training gives people options other than studying at a university. Increased efforts from the government in this sector could help to empower people with skills development and contribute positively to employment rates.

South African aviation sector must look at skills shortage

Tackling the skills shortage in South Africa was one of the topics discussed at the global Avi Afrique aviation summit. Unemployment and poverty were other priorities for the sector. A highlight of the event was the Avi Awards, won by a South African entrepreneur for his innovative aircraft.

Giving Wings focuses on communication

giving wings thumbThe lack of communication skills is one of the major challenges youth face in looking for work and growing their careers. Giving Wings has devised a programme to teach these arts, which it offers through workshops in Olievenhoutbosch.

Siyabangena Seminars bring skills to township entrepreneurs

After a successful run in Soweto in June, the next series of Siyabangena Seminars will be held in KwaMashu, KwaZulu-Natal in late September, with established South African business people sharing their skills and experience with young black entrepreneurs from the townships.

IBM South Africa invests in skills, education

With its R700-million, 10-year equity equivalent investment programme, IMB South Africa will work with the Department of Trade and Industry to build a research hub at Wits University, as well as foster enterprise development and grow deep skills in the country.

South African girls get head start in technology

When it comes to the ICT sector in South Africa, women are under-represented. But there are a range of initiatives on the go to bring a better gender balance to the industry - initiatives such as Techno Girls, which offers job shadowing and on-going mentorship.