Another video for Indigenous Dance Academy

jarrel---thumbBritish rapper Little Simz wanted dancers in the video for her song Gratitude, so she called on Tembisa's Indigenous Dance Academy. In turn, dancer Jarrel Mathebula brought along skater Rayne Moses for the ride.

Riding on a board of hope

From Australia to Afghanistan, Cambodia, Pakistan and now South Africa – Skateistan is using skateboards to offer a future to at-risk youth, particularly young girls. Skating is the hook used to get to grips with complex social issues facing the youth, such as social inequality, youth unemployment, gender discrimination and poverty.

Nkosi Johnson lives on, in a haven

The diminutive Nkosi Johnson, his 12-year-old body wracked by the Aids infection that eventually killed him, became the face of the disease in the late 1990s. His adoptive mother, Gail Johnson, remembers his gentle concern for mothers and children separated by the pandemic.

Cape Town’s Open Streets bring the people out to play

Capetonians make the streets of Observatory their own for a day. (Image: Rory Williams)   20 February 2014 Get out your car and on your bike,...

Pumping up the volume in Durban

yvonne-blog-thumbBy Yvonne Fontyn
16 August 2013

I used to be a bit of a quiet freak – if given the choice between, say, a disco and a Buddhist retreat, I would opt for the latter. So I would usually choose somewhere quiet for a holiday – a remote seaside cottage, a B+B in the country where I could relax and recharge my batteries which had been depleted by Joburg life. I have a retired mom in Durban so I head that way a couple of times a year, usually staying in nearby Umhlanga, which mostly moves along at a sedate pace. But this time I wanted to be closer to Mom, so I looked for places in North Beach, around there.

rickshawWhat about the Marine Parade? I took a chance and booked the Belaire Suites, which looked quite glitzy on their website. It’s a newly revamped high-rise – trendy, with a vibey coffee shop downstairs.

As I arrived, the staff seemed genuinely pleased to see me and after getting the key for my 10th-floor apartment I was soon piling into a lift with a festive crowd dressed in Hawaii shirts and sarongs. A little too festive? I wondered…

As I was letting myself into my apartment, a manager walked past jangling a big bunch of keys. He popped his head into one apartment then banged the door closed – Blammm! It resounded through the block. And then blam, blam, blam he went, down the passage. My heart sank and my anger rose – if those two things can happen at once. There was panic in there somewhere too. Had I signed up for three days in purgatory?

I could only survive, I decided, somewhere in my tired brain, if I ignored it, if I did not construe every banged door, every raised voice, as an act of inconsideration aimed at me. Egocentric, who, me?

And so I went down for lunch to the coffee shop, where a bouncy waitress came over and soon we were chatting about why I was there, the weather and so on. She wasn’t at all like most of the B&B owners I’d encountered on my travels – pretty reserved.

Safer seas for Port Elizabeth’s marine life

The Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality in the Eastern Cape is working on improving safety for all beach users and, in doing so, creating a safer environment for the elusive, shore-loving humpback dolphin.
Centre for the protection of penguins

Cape Town’s transport system lauded

Cape Town was one of four cities short-listed for the prestigious 2012 Sustainable Transport Awards held in Washington recently, with its non-motorised transport and bus rapid transit network receiving an honourable mention.
SA's first green transport service

Oscar wins Laureus Disability Award

Athlete Oscar Pistorius received the Laureus World Sportsperson with a Disability Award at a gala function in London on Monday evening, becoming the third South African to win the award.

Northern Cape ideal for extreme sports

With regular international extreme events and an upcoming landspeed record attempt taking place in 2012, the Northern Cape province is aiming to become South Africa's preferred extreme adventure and sports destination.
World first for SA extreme swimmers

PE’s King’s Beach gets a facelift

The King's Beach area in Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality is being revamped, and residents and visitors will soon be able to enjoy new landscaped gardens and water features there.
Putting PE on national property map