SA signs Benguela conservation pact

South Africa, Angola and Namibia have signed an agreement to protect the Benguela Current marine ecosystem, which stretches from Port Elizabeth on South Africa's coast to Cabinda in the north of Angola and is one of the richest ecosystems on earth.

SA ‘well positioned’ for SKA work bids

South African companies and institutions stand to benefit from the invitation for international consortia to bid for early-stage work on the Square Kilometre Array, an international effort to build the world's largest radio telescope, which will be co-hosted by South Africa and Australia.

US firm opens African parts centre

American agricultural equipment manufacturer AGCO has opened an African master parts distribution centre in Johannesburg to build its sub-Saharan African network and improve after-sales service infrastructure on the continent.

ConCourt art tells South Africa’s story

South Africa's Constitutional Court is home to one of the country's most talked about art collections, but here you'll find more than just pretty pictures on a wall, because each piece tells a story of South Africa's history.
Judge Sachs honoured in NY

Youth ambassadors for climate change

"The earth has been diagnosed with a sickness, and we have to cure it!" We catch up with three passionate youngsters chosen as Climate Change Youth Ambassadors for South Africa at the upcoming 7th Conference of Youth (COY 7).

SA signs cross-border tax evasion deal

South Africa has signed an agreement with 12 other countries, including Russia, Australia, Turkey, Brazil, China and Germany, to share tax information and combat cross-border tax evasion.

South African jewellery design students excel

Jewellery design students from the Durban University of Technology (DUT) have proven their creative worth by coming third in the PlatAfrica 2011 design competition.
DUT offers online registration

Local athletics brand for Kenya stars

A Kenyan company has developed a local brand of sportswear for the country's range of elite athletes, ensuring that when they compete internationally, their gear reflects a sense of national pride.
Legacy of 2010 shines in Kenya

Absa’s eco-friendly office tower

The Absa Campus, located in downtown Johannesburg and home to the bank's headquarters, consumes at least 12MW of electricity a day - but hardly any of this is drawn from South Africa's national grid.

A hefty boost for conservation

Young Jessica, a one-ton hippo living on a Limpopo farm, is helping to enhance research into her species, boost conservation in general, and uplift her local community by bringing tourists into the area.
Kruger's animal populations growing