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Joburg school recycled desks

Joburg school gets desks made out of recycled plastic

School desks are being made out of the recycled caps and labels of plastic bottles; 15 double-seater desks made this way have been donated...
Tshwane introduces three new Wi-Fi services for residents

Tshwane introduces three new Wi-Fi services for residents

Tshwane Wi-Fi users can look forward to being able to make free calls and messaging, as well as downloading more entertainment content using an expanded Tshwane Free Public Wi-Fi network, making the city one of the most technology-savvy urban areas in the world.

Does Shakespeare have a place in African classrooms?

Should William Shakespeare be taught in Africa’s schools and universities? It’s a question that emerges, sometimes flippantly and sometimes in earnest, when conversations about post-coloniality and decolonisation turn to literature and culture.

Anti-corruption courses in African business schools could help end graft

Education could be a valuable weapon in Africa's fight against corruption. Three business schools - in Nigeria, Tanzania and South Africa - already offer anti-graft coursework, and the results are positive.

Corporate South Africa urged to support the 67 Libraries project

Schools in townships and rural South Africa are set to benefit from the 67 Libraries project, an initiative in support and honour of Mandela Day on 18 July, and beyond.

Hydrogen powers South African schools

Hydrogen powers South African schools

Platinum-based fuel cells are powering rural schools and contributing to the improvement of the quality of teaching and learning. The initiative has been an inspiration to pupils, and has boosted interest in careers in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and innovation.

Make saving the planet a habit

Countless organisations around the globe are sharing tips on how to save the planet on World Environment Day on 5 June. But they will also encourage people to turn these tips into daily habits.

Mandarin to be offered in SA state schools

Mandarin to be offered in SA state schools

Mandarin has been added to the school curriculum as a subject choice at South Africa's state schools. Pupils at schools that have the resources to teach the Chinese language will be able to choose it as a second additional language from January 2016.

State of the Nation 2015: Opening the doors of learning

South Africa has made enormous strides in increasing student numbers in schools, universities and colleges over the past two decades, Minister of Higher Education Blade Nzimande said during the State of the Nation debate. But with these higher numbers have come a massive need for expanded educational infrastructure.

Gallery: Bricks and mortar make better schools

Asidi thumbSince 2009, South Africa's Accelerated Schools Infrastructure Delivery Initiative has been building, renovating and providing essential water, sanitation and electricity to schools across the country, improving education - particularly for rural children.

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