Key lessons to improve your Financial Situation in 2018

Written by: Stephen Davies 3 Lessons that will Change your Financial Situation in 2018 Our ability to manage money effectively plays a huge part in our...

South Africans: Work together to overcome the power crisis

As we did when we successfully hosted the 2010 Fifa World Cup, the people of South Africa must work together, saving electricity and planning for load shedding, to help us through the current power crisis, writes Minister of Public Enterprises Lynne Brown.

Working on Fire: saving lives, changing lives

working-on-fire-thumbSouth Africa's Working on Fire firefighting programme not only saves lives and billions of rands in property every year, it also changes for the better the lives of the ex-prisoners and once-destitute people who fight the fires.

African youth prone to saving, advancing education: Barclays report

African youth are most likely to invest and further their education if they had the resources, a survey conducted in 11 African countries by Barclays Africa Group Limited has found out.

Young Africans focus on saving

Investment, education and savings beat flashy consumer goods on the list of priorities for Africans, the Barclays Africa Prosper Report finds. Africa's young and emerging middle-class is on the path to prosperity, and they are focusing on what will help them to progress rather than on what will make the neighbours notice.

Houses for everyone

Housing is at the forefront of the national agenda for delivery and the government is taking overall responsibility for providing houses to all.