South Africa speaks at International IT Forum

South Africa participated in the VIII International IT Forum, the first time it took part in the annual gathering. Held over two days on...

Outcomes from the WCF

One of the major outcomes of the annual World Communication Forum in Davos, Switzerland was an agreement from the BRICS countries, of which South Africa is a member, to set up a Communicators Forum. South Africa's concept of ubuntu was also applauded.

Boon for South Africa as BRICS evolves into global institution

With interaction between BRICS countries increasing and trade rising, the grouping of Brazil, Russia, India China and South Africa is transforming from a loose economic category into a global governance institution - with significant benefits for South Africa.

BRICS: Transforming the global political and economic architecture

Since its inception, the BRICS grouping of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa has made great strides in challenging the traditional global political and economic paradigm.

South Africa and Russia sign nuclear deal

The two Brics countries have agreed to co-operate in training personnel for the South African nuclear power industry, as well as on enhancing public awareness of nuclear energy in South Africa. Russia will offer training and internships to South African students and teachers.

South Africa resumes seafood exports to Russia

For the first time since the late 1990s, Russia has granted 12 South African companies rights to start exporting canned and frozen fish to the Eurasian country.

Zuma, Putin discuss ways of strengthening ties

South African President Jacob Zuma and Russian President Vladimir Putin discussed various ways of strengthening ties between their two countries during a meeting at the Novo-Ogarevo presidential residence outside Moscow on Thursday.

Brics to draw up roadmap for economic cooperation

The leaders of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, meeting at the sixth Brics summit in Fortaleza on Tuesday, agreed to advance discussions on a roadmap for closer economic cooperation within the emerging market grouping.

BRICS to reform the global political and financial architecture

Minister of International Relations and Co-operation, Maite Nkoana-Mashabane Next week will see the leaders of China, India, Brazil, Russia and South Africa gather in Fortaleza,...

BRICS grouping ‘remains a dynamic force’

The BRICS countries should not be counted out as dynamic forces in the global economy, panelists argued at the WEF's annual meeting in Davos on Thursday, predicting that these economies would rebound over the next few years.