Recycling is at the heart of Soulart

soulart-2---thumbThe 10 young designers at Soulart recycle waste, turning it into artful, sought-after items. They work under the genial eye of founder Brian Sibusiso Mokhachane, who says his initiative is helping to create jobs and tackle drug abuse and littering.

Miss Earth South Africa is ready to take on the world

miss earth thumbDeforestation is a cause close to the heart of Carla Viktor, Miss Earth South Africa. She has devoted much energy to tree planting, and will be taking her message to the international Miss Earth competition, where she will be an ambassador for South Africa's earth warriors.

Recycle to save energy and water, and reduce pollution; here’s how:

Here's what recycling does for the environment, the economy, and the manufacturing industries.

What’s all the fuss about recycling? Here’s what you save!

Recycling helps reduce energy used during manufacturing, freeing it up to be used for other purposes such as lighting and heating.

Recycling companies across South Africa

recyclingbins tbA number of companies around the country make it simple to recycle plastics, paper, glass and even building materials. Here's a guide to recycling across South Africa.

Landfills should be the last resort

landfill top tbThe idea is simple: save land by sending as little rubbish to solid waste landfills as possible. As more people consume more things, more waste is generated. This means more land needs to be given over to containing rubbish – land that could have been used for agriculture or housing, for example.

Recycling dos and don’ts

recycling-paper tbRecycling is all the rage if you're a committed greenie; but there are important dos and don'ts you need to know to separate and recycle your rubbish properly.

Pushing for ‘zero waste’ in 2010

Non-governmental organisation the Institute for Zero Waste has launched a national initiative to reduce the potential negative impacts of waste and pollution during the 2010 Fifa World Cup.

La Coupe du Monde 2010 de la Fifa : questions frequentes

L’Afrique du Sud a accueilli de nombreux evenements internationaux importants mais la Coupe du Monde de Football est un evenement a part. En juin 2010, les yeux de millions de visiteurs et de milliards de telespectateurs se tourneront vers la pointe sud de l'Afrique Nous ne voulons pas decevoir.