Southern Africa strengthens relations with its largest trade partner, the European Union at the...

European Union (EU) is today the number one exporter to Southern Africa, its main trade partner and the major investor in the Region. Within...
South Africa calls for more trade with China

South Africa calls for more trade with China

Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa says South Africa and Africa must ensure structural transformation of their trade with China, to export more value-added and labour intensive products, and to move away from their dependence on raw materials exports.

South Africa, US resolve chicken import issues

Poultry associations from South Africa and the US, and their governments, have reached an agreement to allow American chicken imports into South Africa after months of negotiations. The deal secures South Africa's participation in the Africa Growth and Opportunity Act.

South Africa and US agree to build trade ties

Agreement will be reached on poultry exports and anti-dumping duties, a sticking point in US and South African trade negotiations, according to Minister Rob Davies, who has been in discussions with his US counterpart over the Trade and Investment Framework Agreement and Agoa.

South Africa, Zimbabwe strengthen relations

Five bilateral agreements aimed at benefitting both countries were signed when South African President Jacob Zuma met his Zimbabwean counterpart Robert Mugabe at the Union Buildings in Pretoria on Wednesday. It is Mugabe's first state visit to South Africa since 1994.

Denmark, South Africa to improve trade relations

Trade between Denmark and South Africa has been on the upsurge since 2009. To cement the good relations, Danish minister Mogens Jensen has committed to increase commerce between the two countries by 50%.

Crackdown on bogus unions

The Labour Department, in a drive to weed out bogus trade unions and employer bodies, has deregistered 158 unions and 41 employer organisations because of their failure to comply with registration procedures.