Project for the Study of Alternative Education in South Africa

Nal’ibali asks you to make a promise

Reading thumbParents, caregivers and children have been asked to make a pledge to build a bond of reading. A love of reading and stories in childhood will grow into a love of reading in adulthood and a literate population.

Nal’ibali searches across South Africa for its Story Bosso

nalibali---thumbStorytellers across the land were invited to tell stories for Nal'ibali's Story Bosso – the best storyteller in the land. Out of thousands of entries, there are 15 finalists. Their audio stories are available for download from Nal'ibali, as the celebrity judges decide on the winner.

South Africa’s mother tongue education challenge

In a country with 11 official languages, and a beleaguered school system, the language of instruction is a contentious issue and young South Africans will suffer if language policies are poorly implemented.

Storybook sparks love of reading

Ten short stories, specially commissioned and illustrated, make up the third Sunday Times Nal’ibali Storytime. The collection, like Nal’ibali itself, is designed to ignite a love of reading in primary school children, sparked by great stories in their home language.
Why we need a literate nation