South African invests R7bn in ports, ocean economy

South African's commitment to creating a viable ocean economy, as part of its National Development Plan Vision 2030, was underscored this week with an announcement that it has made a R7-billion investment in new port facilities, such as oil and gas hubs, aquaculture and boat building.

Stalled on the Trans-Africa Highway

Infrastructure matters. If Africa wants to play on the global field, a network of well-constructed, well-maintained roads is crucial. Until recently, work on the Trans-African Highway Network was sporadic, hit by conflict and constrained budgets. But now, nations see the value of the system for growth.

State-of-art port control centre opens in Cape Town

South Africa opened a state-of-the-art border control centre at Cowrie Port in Cape Town harbour on Friday. The centre integrates all government departments and agencies involved in immigration and customs, marking a significant step in securing and modernising the country's borders.