national symbols

Fly, the beloved flag

It's a potent symbol of unity and progress. It's the only six-coloured national flag in the world. It's also one of the youngest, yet whatever shape it takes - and it's taken more than any other national symbol - it's instantly recognisable to South Africans everywhere.

South Africa’s national symbols

A country’s symbols – seal, motto, flag, anthem, coat of arms and natural symbols – tell its story and play a crucial role in...

Activation Gallery – Limpopo

Brand South Africa was at Mponegele Le Iterele Orphan Centre in the village of GaMagoa, Limpopo, for Nelson Mandela Day. The aim of the...

Brand South Africa plays its part for the Constitution Mondays campaign

On Tuesday 14 July, Brand South Africa met with top-performing grade 12 learners from rural schools in Mthatha in the Eastern Cape and introduced the Constitution Mondays campaign to them.

The road to a unified nation

Nation building will accelerate if people view themselves as South Africans first and foremost – this is one of the issues that came out of the recently concluded Social Cohesion Summit.
Born free to dream

‘Wild’ plans for two Sudan cities

When Africa is mentioned, wild animals often come to mind. Now, in Southern Sudan, this is being taken a step further with plans to restructure two cities into the shapes of a giant rhino and a giraffe.

Flying the South African flag

The 2010 Fifa World Cup has hit South Africa, and the country's striking six-colour national flag is everywhere – wrapped around buildings, on car windows, radio aerials and rear-view mirrors, lining the highways and flying outside homes from suburbs to townships.
Fly the Flag campaign launched