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South Africa: A Top Destination for International Events

In 30 years of freedom, South Africa a land of rich culture, stunning landscapes and vibrant energy, has solidified its position as a top...

The Show Must Go On: Creative Industries Innovate Their Approach Amidst COVID-19

By Phindile Maduna The influx and proliferation of the global COVID-19 pandemic in South Africa since March 2020, resulted in President Cyril Ramaphosa declaring a...

Discover small-town South Africa

South Africa is known for its gold and diamonds, but if you want to discover its real gems, head for the small towns and villages that lie just off the beaten the track - the country's heartland.

Remembering Ray Phiri, South African musician 1947 – 2017

Legendary Stimela founder and internationally renowned singer and guitarist Ray Phiri died on 12 July 2017, following a battle with lung cancer. The self-taught...

A wild beard and fierce convictions

Many voices brought down apartheid, and writer Cornelius Thomas is determined the less-famous activists will also be remembered for their participation in the struggle. 
Cultural group writes own history

Kentridge’s Less Good Idea to inspire innovative South African art

South African artist William Kentridge launches his Centre for the Less Good Idea in Johannesburg during March 2017, a multidisciplinary showcase of unconventional art...

South African author captures life through Keiskamma Art Project

Learning about the resilience of women living in difficult circumstances made the research and writing of her book, The Keiskamma Art Project, worthwhile, says...

African punks: 5 bands you should be listening to

Punk rock, despite its northern hemisphere origins, has a lot in common with the African creative philosophy: its do-it-yourself, community-based collaborative culture, outspoken social...
South Africans show passion for the arts

South Africans show passion for the arts

Ticket sales this year were up nearly 7% on 2014, says the National Arts Festival, while the rand value of tickets bought for festival shows was up by 18%. "This augers well for the arts sector, and is a ringing endorsement for the talent and hard work of our artists."

South African arts fest celebrates women

This year's National Arts Festival features more women in an effort to amplify female voices in the performing and visual arts. The programme offers everything from musicians to hard- hitting dramas that explore true stories about women rising up against the odds.