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Springboks inspire the nation and the world

Brand South Africa today hailed the performance by South Africa’s national rugby team in their third match of the 2015 Rugby World Cup.

Brand South Africa urges the nation to get behind the Springboks

Brand South Africa today joins the nation in wishing the Springboks well ahead of their first game against Japan in the 2015 Rugby World Cup.

State of the Nation Address 2015: an overview

President Jacob Zuma will deliver his sixth State of the Nation Address during a joint sitting of Parliament in Cape Town this evening. More than just a speech, Sona sets the agenda for how the country will be governed over the year ahead, making commitments to the nation that Parliament is obliged to ensure the government keeps.

As a nation we can achieve our goals – Miller Matola

"This week South Africa returns to the global stage when we host the annual Investing in African Mining Indaba at the Cape Town International Convention Centre," writes Brand South Africa CEO Miller Matola. "This follows our success at the World Economic Forum annual meeting Davos, Switzerland, a few weeks ago."

Building a nation takes time

Building a nation takes time, Zuma tells SA

Remembering the pain of the past should not stop us from building a better tomorrow, President Jacob Zuma said at the opening of a "reconciliation bridge" in Dundee, KwaZulu Natal, on Tuesday.
'South Africa must build the nation Mandela fought for'

‘South Africa must build the nation Mandela fought for’

We must confront that which divides us and pursue that which unites us, Acting President Cyril Ramaphosa told South Africans during a moving ceremony at Freedom Park in Pretoria on Friday, held to mark the first anniversary of the passing of Nelson Mandela.

Excellent commercial brands with strong reputations support a positive nation brand – Brand South...

IN reflecting on the value of strong commercial brands to a country’s nation brand, I stumbled upon the following definition of national competitiveness : “National...

Awaking a post-Mandela generation of leaders

  Methodists from around Gauteng joined their presiding Bishop, Zipho Siwa, in putting some sweat behind their convictions in Bekkersdal, Gauteng, on Mandela Day.  The...
A nonfiction guide to South Africa's 20 years

A nonfiction guide to South Africa’s 20 years

Follow South Africa's journey to freedom with a selection of the best of the country's writing. Here we present the winners of the Sunday Times Alan Paton Award for nonfiction since 1994, which includes two Nelson Mandela biographies, The Long Walk to Freedom and Anthony Sampson's authorised portrait.

Watch the State of the Nation Address 2014

Watch the video stream of South African President Jacob Zuma's 2014 State of the Nation Address at the opening of parliament in Cape Town on Thursday 13 February.

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