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The Wayfaring Loner: Elvis Goes Country in Africa

Meet Sir Elvis, the musical connection between Nairobi and Nashville, the man bringing both Country and Western back to Africa, one song and one barroom stage at a time.

Luthando Jackson is a mini music maestro

Luthando Jackson has been playing the guitar for only two years, and already he impresses all who hear him strum. The nine-year-old, who is the first in his family to show such prowess on the instrument, has a natural affinity for the guitar.

Jazz trumpets the notes of freedom

Jazz has always been the sound of freedom. Musically, it refuses to follow a form, rather growing organically with the musician. Politically, it has been the music of choice of resistance and rebellion, from its early days in the US's Deep South to South Africa during apartheid.

Portal to boost African music

Music In Africa plans to get the world's ears tuned to the music of the continent. It's an online portal that serves the African music industry – whether that be producers in Harare, musicians in New York or singers in the Dakar. Africa offers much diversity and talent, and that needs to be offered to the world.

Karoo music lends weight to TV series

Guitarist Les Javan has composed a haunting soundtrack for the TV series Vlug na Egipte. Set in the Karoo, it is shaped by the music of the desert. It's a mixed bag of langarm, choral, goema and classical influences, and the composer has created a sound that identifies and is unique to each character.

African musicians mine a rich vein of history

African musicians of today are more than just singers banging out a beat for people to dance. They tackle pressing issues using ancient musical traditions, keeping alive the spirit of West Africa's griots. They too are the oral story-tellers and poets who have always been the continent's historians and commentators.

Emotional connection the core of Mashika’s music

Young, urban and talented, Zethu Mashika is a self-taught musician and composer, and is South Africa's first and so far only black film composer. He has won the best score award twice in the 48 Hours Film Project, and is the man behind the organic sound of 'Zama Zama'. For him, it is a spiritual and emotional exercise.

McGregor’s music captures the African village

The Blue Notes and the Brotherhood of Breath made music that broke political and social barriers; they made music that helped liberate the country. Music was the healing force of the universe, they believed. "The political disease… needed music to heal it."

Blake and friends bring pop-classical mix to stage

The Johannesburg Philharmonic Orchestra and Icelandic tenor Gardar Cortes will perform with the award-winning British trio at a series of concerts that promise to combine opera, classical, musicals and pop harmonies.

Voodoo Funk: Ambassador of Afrobeat

That funky Afrobeat is what gets Frank Gossner up in the morning. It is what kept him in Africa for several years, and it is what brings him back frequently. The German DJ is hunting down rare African blues, disco and funk records, and bringing them to an appreciative global audience.

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