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African army expected by year end

African army expected by year end

The 25th African Union summit ended in Johannesburg with leaders promising to accelerate the formation of the African Standby Force, which will counter terrorism on the continent. Leaders also backed initiatives aimed at the empowerment of women.

Africa and space: the continent looks skyward

Many African countries have active space agencies, whose earth-observation satellites help find natural resources, monitor elections, track weather, plan agriculture, deliver services, and support disaster relief and military security. Space tech may soon also connect hundreds of millions of Africans to the internet.

Aircraft technology: SA delivers

South African firm wins another Airbus A400M contract

South African company Denel Aerostructures has won its fourth contract to manufacture parts for the Airbus A400M military transport aircraft. The company is the only tier 1 supplier of parts for the giant military airlifter outside of Europe.
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