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Shamila Ramjawan: global leader

The founder of Famram Solutions has been recognised for her work in keeping rural girls and young women in schools, by the Centre for...

Mentorship project teaches learners to serve

Bokamoso thumbThrough Bokamoso, students learn about leadership. The programme was founded by five people tired of working in the corporate world without doing something to uplift others. Participants spoke about the programme when they met for the last time for the year.

Girl Ignite helps girls prepare for bright future

girl-ignite---thumbCycling, talking life and teaching entrepreneurship are at the heart of Girl Ignite, a programme set up by a group of young women to help underprivileged girls learn the tools they will need to make a success of their lives – whether that be as entrepreneurs or working for bosses.

Girl Ignite offers a path to success

girl-ignite---thumbYoung women and girls in Diepsloot are giving a chance to build a better life through Girl Ignite Africa, a leadership programme that focuses on the helping participants to reach their full potential. It works with Diepsloot Mountain Bike Academy, using cycling as a way to get ahead.

Education, empowerment on this week’s Play Your Part TV

This Sunday's episode of the Play Your Part TV series looks at South Africans who are making their mark in the fields of education and empowerment.

US to set up leadership centres in Africa

US to set up leadership centres in Africa

The United States is to set up centres to train Africa's next generation of political and economic leaders - starting next year with centres in Senegal, Ghana, South Africa and Kenya - as it moves to expand US President Barack Obama's Young African Leaders Initiative.
Zuma chats to girl children about work

Zuma chats to girl children about work, leadership

President Jacob Zuma took a break from government business on Thursday to field a battery of questions from a group of 40 girls from schools in and around Pretoria as part of Take a Girl Child to Work Day.
South Africans 'already winners': Zuma

20 years of freedom: reason to celebrate

As the country marks its first 20 years of freedom, Bathandwa Mbola reflects on how far we have come, and explains why she personally will be celebrating "being part of this big, vibrant and colourful family called South Africa".

Play Your Part / Sowetan Dialogues set for Nelspruit

Brand South Africa is continuing with its Play Your Part / Sowetan Dialogue, with the latest in the series set to take place in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga, on 25 April, with a focus on leadership.

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