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Joburg to produce its own electricity from landfill

Gas is flared at Robinson Deep, Johannesburg's biggest landfill, and at Marie Louise, another of its five sites. But generators will be installed this year at the former to turn the methane into power. When all its landfills are all online, it will produce enough power to supply 12 500 middle-income households.

Recycle to save energy and water, and reduce pollution; here’s how:

Here's what recycling does for the environment, the economy, and the manufacturing industries.

What’s all the fuss about recycling? Here’s what you save!

Recycling helps reduce energy used during manufacturing, freeing it up to be used for other purposes such as lighting and heating.

Recycling companies across South Africa

recyclingbins tbA number of companies around the country make it simple to recycle plastics, paper, glass and even building materials. Here's a guide to recycling across South Africa.

Landfills should be the last resort

landfill top tbThe idea is simple: save land by sending as little rubbish to solid waste landfills as possible. As more people consume more things, more waste is generated. This means more land needs to be given over to containing rubbish – land that could have been used for agriculture or housing, for example.

Recycling dos and don’ts

recycling-paper tbRecycling is all the rage if you're a committed greenie; but there are important dos and don'ts you need to know to separate and recycle your rubbish properly.

Joburg acts to beat climate change

The fifth C40 Cities Mayors Summit will take place in Johannesburg this month. It's a good time to look at the measures the city is taking to combat the effects of changing weather patterns. It is among the biggest emitters of greenhouse gases in South Africa, but it is working to rebalance this legacy.

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