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Clegg in concert to raise funds for TB

Johnny Clegg, one of South Africa's most beloved musicians, continues his philanthropic work - this time raising funds for the Treatment Action Campaign's operation towards tuberculosis eradication. A host of fellow musicians will be on stage alongside Clegg.

OBE for South African legend Johnny Clegg

Maestro and activist Johnny Clegg changed the face of music in South Africa when he put forth a blend of traditional Zulu rhythms mixed with pop. Now he is being recognised by the British monarchy, and will become an Officer of the Order of the British Empire.

Arts and entertainment in the spotlight in this week’s Play Your Part

Play Your Part TV seriesIconic musicians, theatre mavens and writers feature on the upcoming episode of the Play Your Part television series this Sunday. Tune in for inspiring stories from the arts and entertainment world. 


When Africa sings, we listen. When she dances, we watch in awe. And, when she plays her favourite game, the fields light up with her dazzling colours - Feel the beat at Africa's feet!

Kirstenbosch on world’s best picnics list

South Africa's Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden was established in 1913 as the first botanic garden in the world dedicated to preserving a country's indigenous plant life. Now, National Geographic has named Cape Town's floral jewel as one of the world's top picnic spots.

Kirstenbosch best place to picnic

National Geographic has named South Africa's Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden as one of the world's best picnic spots.
SA marks Year of Biodiversity

Chair to unleash South African dreams

A spectacular hand-beaded chair is getting South Africans talking about their dreams and expectations for their country, their communities and themselves.
Turning jobless into jewellers

‘Today I woke up in a country that said…’

  "Be who you want to be." Zanele Situ, Nelson Mandela, 'Baby Jake' Matlala, Natalie du Toit, Joel Stransky, Johnny Clegg and Sipho Mchunu are...