international nelson mandela day

Play Your Part fulfills Mandela Day promise to the New Jerusalem Children’s Home

On Nelson Mandela Day Brand South Africa committed to donating 150 Abelia Grandiflora plants to the New Jerusalem Children's Home, and on 14 September...

Press release: GEM Project’s growth impacting lives

GEM may be a small organisation, but it’s having a huge impact on the world around it! As they celebrate over 7 000 users...

Malaika orphans smile on Mandela Day

All the love and attention they got on Nelson Mandela Day, 18 July 2016, is evident on the faces of the children at Malaika...

Brand SA urges South Africans play their part for Mandela day


 Brand South Africa urges all South Africans to take a stand, join in and play their part for Nelson Mandela day. Take the time to make a difference in somebody's life on 18 July.


UN awards first Nelson Mandela prize

Two laureates have been awarded the first UN Nelson Mandela Prize - Dr Helena Ndume of Namibia and Jorge Fernando Branco Sampaio of Portugal, who were recognised by the global body for their services to humanity and democracy, in the spirit of the late leader.

Places to visit on Madiba’s Journey

South African Tourism is building a pilgrimage route following the life and times of Nelson Mandela through the four provinces that shaped his life. The organisation is confident that in time, people are going to see it as "a must-do kind of thing".

A safe haven for Kayamandi kids

In the bustling township in Stellenbosch, there are few opportunities for the children. Life is hard and the lack of education means there is little hope of escape. But is playing its part to open up a world filled with possibility for them.

Art allows healing and wholeness

At Rena Le Lona in Soweto, children affected by Aids and other challenges are helped to heal from their traumas and grow into well-rounded citizens. All forms of arts are used, and the children are able to explore a range of spiritual and religious practices to find peace.

Bikers do it for Nelson Mandela

With helmets on their heads and leather riding boots protecting their feet, bikers selflessly travel across South Africa each year, stopping off to help where they are needed. This year, among their many outreach activities, Bikers for Nelson Mandela Day will hand over handmade blankets.

Mandela Day has improved South Africa’s generosity

South Africans are becoming more charitable – the country is bounding up the rankings in the World Giving Index – and privileged citizens are increasing efforts to spread the wealth. Changes to tax legislation will also make it easier for philanthropists to donate money and charities to be sustainable.