Hollard commits to South African children

Hollard thumbThrough its foundation, the Hollard group has helped to set up paediatric theatres in Eastern Cape that are helping to save the lives of sick children. It has also committed funds and resources to other early childhood development initiatives in other parts of the country.

Children’s hospital pioneers new way to examine brain

redcross---thumbA medical team at the University of Cape Town have pioneered a new method to inspect a child's brain by using ultrasound. This can prevent exposure to harmful radiation, anaesthesia and surgery.

Paediatricians lead fundraising charge for sick children

peditricians---thumbPaediatricians and other child health specialists are raising funds to give expensive treatments to gravely ill children. Play Your Part and support the Spaed Team and Wits Paediatric Fund.

Work goes ahead on Mandela children’s hospital

The Nelson Mandela Children's Hospital will be completed in February 2016, when it will be handed over for fittings and finishings. It is expected to open its doors for patients towards the end of next year. Recruitment is also under way to staff the institute.

Dr Benn builds a clinic without walls

The HJ Breast Clinic is a place where a multitude of medical and social disciplines look at the whole of the patient during treatment. The idea is a health system that treats its patients as whole beings and not just a collection of diseased organs – and imagine if more medical professionals gave of their time.

Family rooms offer peace of mind to parents

Ronald-House---ThumbParents of sick children and premature babies hospitalised at Soweto's Bara hospital can rest and regroup in a specially designed family room. Having a parent nearby has been found to help a sick child heal more quickly.

Rural doctors are a prescription for good health

Rural health care workers in South Africa are a hardy, dedicated lot. They travel great distances and often have to make do with what they have at hand. But it also gives them a close bond with their patients and an insight into treating the whole person. These challenges make them better doctors, says Rural Doctor of the Year Jenny Nash.

Mandela: Champion of public health

Health goes hand-in-hand with a quality life. Nelson Mandela was one of the most outspoken visionaries when it came to the health and wellness of the world's citizens. Today, his legacy lives on in the foundation named for him, and the hospital being built in his honour.

Construction of Mandela Children’s Hospital begins

Construction work on the new Nelson Mandela Children's Hospital got under way in Johannesburg on Monday. Just over half of the R1-billion needed to build, equip and staff the facility has been raised, and the public have been urged to make a donation to ensure that Mandela's final wish becomes a reality.

New hospital prescribed for Jabulani

Pressure has been eased on Soweto's massive Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital with the opening of the Zola-Jabulani District Hospital, a multimillion-rand state-of-the-art facility. It adds to the growing number of first-class services turning the once neglected township into a vibrant economic hub.