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Homecoming Revolution: African New Yorkers want to come home

Homecoming Revolution: African New Yorkers want to come home

At Homecoming Revolution's Speed Meet: New York event on 25 September 2015, Africans living and working in the United States expressed their desire to return to the continent to take advantage of the exciting career opportunities and the potential for innovation offered by Africa.

Artists give their impression of Madiba

Nelson Mandela at the centre of a mandala, handing over the Rugby World Cup, as a rock – people are encouraged to use these and other artists' images as their profile pictures this month.

#HeartAfrica pulls emotional strings

When you leave Africa, you leave a piece of yourself behind. This yearning for the continent has sparked a campaign to show the passion Africans have for their land.

Homecoming Revolution expands to African diaspora

Fifteen years ago, after seven years working in London, Angel Jones felt the tug of home when she heard Nelson Mandela speak in Trafalgar Square. She came back to South Africa and, in 2003, set up Homecoming Revolution as a non-profit organisation to encourage expats to return, and smooth their trip home.

Drawing expats back to SA

The 2010 Homecoming Revolution event in London is gearing up for a record turnout of South African expats who are longing to return to the country of their birth.
SA a favourite among expats

Finding the SA London community

Feeling lost in London? Need to connect with other South Africans, find a job, hear about home - or just wake up and smell the boerewors? Check out our comprehensive guide to South African news, services, social clubs, communities, business networks and entertainment in London.

Helping South Africans come home

Homecoming Revolution is an online initiative that encourages and assists South Africans living abroad to return home, offering a range of practical help and advice on every aspect of "remigrating", backed up by a suite of tailormade financial and business services from First National Bank.