Watch: Springboks road trip brings out South Africans’ big hearts

The Springboks rugby squad rediscovered the warmth of South Africans as the team were left to make their own way from Cape Town to...

Public art builds civic pride

skubalisto---thumbThrough his inspiring public art, painter Skubalisto is creating community pride in the Cape townships of Langa and Gugulethu.

Micro-farmers harvest a future

harvest thumbUrban farmers in Cape Town's townships grow fresh vegetables for their own tables, and sell their produce to provide an income for their families.

Cape Town taxi ranks to get free wifi

Cape Town taxi ranks to get free wifi

Commuters at Gugulethu and Khayelitsha taxi ranks will get access to free wifi, according to Project Isizwe, which will offer a cap of 250MB at a speed of 15mbps. Living without information is unthinkable, says the group, which also drives access in other parts of South Africa.
Gugulethu winemaker toasts success

Gugulethu winemaker toasts success

In South Africa's townships, wine was associated with cheap liquor, says winemaker Nondumiso Pikashe. People saw it as the favoured drink for old men who wanted to get drunk quickly, but she saw a different side and today runs the successful, 100% female owned Ses'fikile wines.

Rayne Moses lives a Nebula skate of mind

nebula---thumbRayne Moses dreams of building a skateboarding empire. Not just a sports empire, but one rooted in using skateboarding to release the potential of young people to change the world.

Video: Ballet dancer from Gugulethu

"If you are doing ballet, and you're a guy, they will start calling you names. But for me it was not a problem, because I know who I am." South African Ballet Theatre dancer Patrick Mngeni talks about family, learning to dance in a township, and the work that goes into the achieving of dreams.