Key lessons to improve your Financial Situation in 2018

Written by: Stephen Davies 3 Lessons that will Change your Financial Situation in 2018 Our ability to manage money effectively plays a huge part in our...

South Africa’s tourism, food sectors grow

The tourism, food, and beverages sector is performing well, according to the latest figures from Stats SA. Income has risen year-on-year for accommodation, particularly for caravan parks and camp sites, while total income in the food and beverages industries is up more than 8%.

South Africa looks to research, innovation to grow economy

South African enterprises have a relatively high and novel innovation rate, and the country is increasingly investing in research and development. Now, the Innovation Bridge is closing the gap between R&D and the market, and contributing to economic competitiveness.

Rhino poaching numbers in South Africa continue to grow

The number of rhinos killed in South Africa so far this year has hit 1 020. But South Africa is not sitting on its laurels, a number of interventions put in place to curtail rhino poaching has seen 344 alleged poachers arrested since the beginning of 2014.

Economy continues to grow

South Africa's gross domestic product at market prices increased at an annualised rate of 4,7 percent in the third quarter as the economy continues to grow.

Youth ‘proud to be South African’

An overwhelming 97% of the country's 16- to 24-year-olds are proud to call themselves South African, according to a new survey. The findings reveal a younger generation that is brand-savvy, increasingly well-informed about HIV/Aids, and highly upbeat about the country's future.

SA’s “biggest’ online retailer, one of three budget airlines operating in South Africa, is now amongst the country's biggest online retailers. And its recipe to success is simple: "People love booking online" says the carrier, which jets some 1-million people around the country each year.