Government is Prioritising Investment into ICT as South Africa Hosts the 2018 Telecom World...

By Minister of Telecommunications & Postal Services, Siyabonga Cwele Date of publication: 10th September 2018 This week South Africa and Africa are hosting world leaders in...

World Aids Day: five things you need to know

Today is World Aids Day, the day on which the world commemorates the global effects of the HIV/Aids pandemic. It is also a day to mark the continuation of the fight against the stigma that surrounds the disease, as well as to educate people about prevention and treatment programmes.

Piketty’s focus on inequality may also set a blueprint for the study of economics

Thomas Piketty garnered international acclaim after his book Capital in the Twenty-First Century, about inequality, became a best seller. But it's not without its critics. He'll speak at the 13th Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture. Watch him on the live broadcast on 3 October on SABC 2 from 3pm to 4:30pm. There will also be live stream on the Nelson Mandela Foundation YouTube account and website.

Saving Timbuktu: rebuilding history in Africa’s ancient city

Timbuktu was once one of Africa's greatest cities, but centuries of war, colonial rule and, more recently, radical terrorism has taken a toll on its historic buildings. Now, thanks to efforts by Unesco and the town's citizens, these important buildings are being restored to their former glory.

Projects aim to empower women in agriculture

Access to affordable funding was seen as critical for the empowerment of women in the agriculture sector. A call was also made at the African Union summit session for African groups to fund African initiatives.

Value of investment in Africa surges

The value of foreign direct investment into Africa has jumped over the past five years, even though the number of investment projects on the continent has fallen. And while investor perceptions have softened, those with business interests in Africa remain overwhelmingly positive.

Sport is fighting against xenophobia

Minister of Sport and Recreation, Fikile Mbalula, has lauded the sports bodies taking a stance against the xenophobic attacks and says that sport, yet again, is playing a role in uniting people in our country.

South Africa has a good story to tell

The South African Government’s work to attract foreign direct investment and ensure its even distribution is advancing our national social objectives, according to the findings of a recent study, writes Minister in the Presidency Jeff Radebe.

Low oil price to hit African exploration groups

According to Fit for $50 Oil in Africa, Africa has reported substantial successes in the exploration for hydrocarbons over the past decade. However, oil and gas explorers will need to rethink their expenditure in Africa in light of the drop in the global oil price.

Courts’ stance on sexual crimes ‘encouraging’

The government's justice, crime prevention and security cluster says it is encouraged by the country's courts, which have demonstrated an aggressive stance in addressing the scourge of sexual violence in South Africa.