GBV and GDP: The Price Society Pays for Violence Against Women

“Societies that treat women deficiently are defective and disproportionate,” says Katie Mohamed, CEO and Founder of W-Suite.   A Mckinsey study (2019, Moodley et al) found...

South Africa’s economy grows by 4.1%

South Africa's Gross Domestic Product increased by 4.1% in the fourth quarter of 2014, Stats SA announced on Tuesday, accelerating much more than the markets expected - thanks largely to higher production in the manufacturing sector.

Licensing reform to lift competiveness of South African mining

South Africa's mining sector contributes 9% of GDP directly and over 30% in foreign exchange earnings, writes Minister of Mineral Resources Ngoako Ramatlhodi. Now new regulatory reforms are set to boost this contribution even further.

SA economy grows 1.4% in third quarter

The South African economy grew by 1.4% in the third quarter according to data released on Tuesday by Statistics SA - and analysts say the recovery is expected to gain moderate momentum in the final quarter of 2014.

South African policies help to reduce poverty, says World Bank

Tight fiscal policy and well-targeted social support, such as child and disability grants and free basic services, have helped to lift millions of people out of poverty. If South Africa can ride out external factors, the World Bank states, its economy will grow and its social programmes will continue.

Zimbabwe: Africa’s first cashless society?

When Zimbabwe's economy tanked in 2002, the people spoke of "the coin problem". Because there was no change, every purchase had to be rounded up to the dollar. With most people living on the breadline, this was a severe hardship. Enter Econet Wireless and its innovative mobile payment system.

Africa’s resources key to unlocking its wealth

Speaking at a seminar organised by Brand South Africa and the Department of Trade and Industry, Andre Groenewald from the Department of International Relations said Africa's star was rising, as the continent's natural resources give it a competitive edge in the global economy.