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Tag: Gauteng department of education

Protecting girls against cervical cancer

South Africa is doing its bit to protect girls from cervical cancer. Now in its second round, the government is rolling out the human...

Mandela Day book drive launched in Gauteng

The Gauteng Department of Education has, as part of its Mandela Day activities, launched a province-wide book donation drive to collect works on SA's liberation struggle to stock libraries at underprivileged schools. 

Sangari helps teachers think out the box

The portable iBox is changing teaching at many South African schools. It combines ICT with high-tech presentation facilities, giving teachers a valuable resource. The remote clickers help them assess levels of understanding among pupils. The proof, believe some, can be seen in the pudding.

Gauteng Department of Education, 20 years on

Since 1994, the Gauteng Department of Education has built more than 200 new schools, improved on the province's pass rate, and grown teacher and pupil numbers.

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