The art of weaponry

Ralph Ziman worked with a group of Zimbabwean wire beaders to make replica AK-47s and ammunition. Then he took photos in downtown Joburg, depicting an eerie, frightening world for his exhibition, Ghosts. It was not to glamorise guns, he says, but to spark a debate.

Of gangsters, bad cops and taking on Hollywood

S'dumo Mtshali was hands down the best actor in Class Act. The spoils were a starring role alongside real gangsters in iNumber Number, a new feature film that has been picked up by Universal Studios for an American remake.

SA’s ‘zef’ trio thrash music scene

With catchy and crude beats, pre-pubescent bodies, gold teeth, tattoos and mean-looking mullets, hilarious trio Die Antwoord have become one of South Africa’s hottest – and most unlikely – exports, landing a deal with the US music label that represents Eminem and Lady Gaga.
Hot SA musicians head to Cannes