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The legacy of Albert Luthuli

ANC president from 1952 to 1967, and winner of the 1960 Nobel Peace Prize, Chief Albert Luthuli was the most respected African leader of his era. The Albert Luthuli Legacy Project keeps the story of Luthuli - and the millions of people he represented - alive for a generation of South Africans born into freedom.

Nigerian artist wins prestigious South African art prize

Peju Alatise is the 2017 winner of the FNB Art Prize. The Nigerian mixed-medium artist explores strong African narratives with a focus on the...

Look how far we’ve come: Two decades of freedom

Apartheid denied people the right to vote, to work, to access education, to move freely, to love whomever they wanted to, to not be imprisoned without trial ... South Africa's groundbreaking Bill of Rights changed all that. We take a look at how far we've come over two decades of freedom.

State of the Nation Address 2017: full speech

In his State of the Nation Address, President Jacob Zuma declared 2017 the year of Oliver Reginald Tambo, who would have been 100 had...

Is it New Delhi’s time to shine in Africa?

India has age old ties to Africa. Under Narendra Modi, who visited Africa for the first time as prime minister recently, the fastest growing...

South Africa to deliver Status of Women Report

women---thumbThe first Status of Women Report will be released on Women's Day, at the official celebrations in Free State. About 20 000 women are expected to attend the rally. It is one of many activities planned for Women's Month around the country.

Commission on Gender Equality

Set up in terms of the Constitution to promote and strengthen democracy and human rights, the Commission promotes gender equality in all spheres of society and makes recommendations on legislation affecting the status of women.

Freedom rediscovered

It has been a long road, but this month South Africans celebrate almost two decades of democracy and universal human rights. It is a significant milestone, and a good time to reflect on history.
• Freedom Park: celebrating peace

A nation of paradoxes: Robinson

Mary Robinson, former Irish president, member of The Elders, and president of the Mary Robinson Foundation – Climate Justice, delivered the tenth Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture on 5 August 2012 at the Cape Town City Hall.
Mandela archive goes live

Human rights revisited

Human Rights Day was a day for all South Africans, leaders said, pointing out that the country had worked hard to produce a progressive Constitution that enshrined the human rights of all its people.
Remembering Sharpeville’s heroes