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The Buffelshoek Trust helps drive rural development in Mpumalanga

"Not having everything you need doesn't mean you can't strive for excellence" is the ethos of the Buffelshoek Trust, an organisation dedicated to improving...

Documentary festival brings environmental message

The South African Eco Film Festival is taking place at four venues this year, in three cities and a retreat. Catch some of the finest thought-provoking short and feature-length documentaries, 12 of which have never been seen in South Africa before. All carry an environmental message.

Can Africa lead the way to a sustainable future?

Africa's unprecedented economic growth, projected at 5% for the foreseeable future, is taking place in a very different environmental context to the 19th and 20th century growth spurts of Europe, the Americas, Japan and China. So to anyone interested in sustainable development, Africa’s next steps are fascinating.

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