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Career Day

11th Annual Soweto Career Day and Expo

The 11th Annual Soweto Career Day and Expo took place on 25 and 26 May 2018 at the Orlando Community Hall in Soweto. Held...
Lagos church victims repatriated to SA

State of the Nation Address 2016

(Image: Getty Images)   State of the Nation Address 2016: full speech State of the Nation Address by Jacob G Zuma, President of the Republic of South...

Government has prioritised energy security to enable economic growth and development

• Government is aware that the country’s economic growth performance needs to be improved in a sustainable manner and has therefore made the resolution of...

Mine-free Mozambique means economic growth

After more than two decades of work, Mozambique is now clear of landmines - freeing up valuable agricultural land, opening up tourism and infrastructure development, and ensuring the safety of rural communities.

SA pushing to complete power station

South Africa takes note of ratings outlook

Economic growth needs to be accelerated for South Africa to overcome its challenges, the National Treasury admits, saying that resolving the energy challenge is a priority. Implementing the priority reforms of the National Development Plan remains a key objective, it says.

Africa dismantling trade barriers

African countries are collaborating to remove barriers to inter-country trade on the continent, President Jacob Zuma says on the sidelines of WEF. Allowing investors to move freely across borders is necessary for business to flourish, and red tape preventing this is being cut by governments.

South African policies help to reduce poverty, says World Bank

Tight fiscal policy and well-targeted social support, such as child and disability grants and free basic services, have helped to lift millions of people out of poverty. If South Africa can ride out external factors, the World Bank states, its economy will grow and its social programmes will continue.

SARB to continue rand intervention

Bank hikes rates, calls for resolution of strike

The South African Reserve Bank has raised its benchmark repo rate by 25 basis points, while slightly lowering its economic growth forecast. Governor Gill Marcus has called for a speedy resolution of the metalworkers' strike, saying it is crucial for business and labour to re-establish mutual trust.

South Africa in ‘sweet spot’ for growth

Three possible scenarios have been sketched for South Africa's growth. Under Mandela Magic, the country will boom. The National Development Plan is key to achieving this potential of high economic growth, equality and increased employment.

How will the budget affect you?

Tax breaks for low income earners, but an increase in the fuel and road accident levies and in sin taxes. The finance minister pulled off a careful balancing act in a slow economy and an election year, tightening the reins on public spending but laying the foundation for the National Development Plan.

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