A starting chance for Western Cape youth

For more than a decade the Western Cape NGO Starting Chance has been making early childhood development programmes more accessible across the province. Its...

Bread bags bring big benefits

siyasizana---thumbThrough its Siyasizana Day-care Project, Sasko is helping day care centres provide the equipment needed for proper early childhood development.

JAM focuses on basic necessities

wits---thumbFood, clean water and sanitation, education for the youngest members of the community to help them meet their potential – these are the foundations of Joint Aid Management.

Tree helps to grow well-rounded adults

TREE thumbEarly childhood development is critical for proper cognitive growth and later schooling years. An organisation in KwaZulu-Natal has 30 years' experience in bringing much-needed ECD to underprivileged communities.

Hollard commits to South African children

Hollard thumbThrough its foundation, the Hollard group has helped to set up paediatric theatres in Eastern Cape that are helping to save the lives of sick children. It has also committed funds and resources to other early childhood development initiatives in other parts of the country.

Ntataise helps to give children the best start

NetiaMcCray thumbEarly childhood development is essential to build capable, well-rounded adults. It can also help to close the gap between the privileged and the underprivileged. The Ntataise network is building these solid foundations.

Cape Town spends more on early childhood development

Cape Town has allocated R16-million for the construction of more early childhood development centres across the city, in order to give more young children a safe early learning environment level and prepare them better for entering formal schooling.

The Pebbles Project enriching the lives of children

The Pebbles Project works with alcohol-affected communities in the Western Cape to help residents and children battle the scourge of alcohol addiction, and the province's high rates of Foetal Alcohol Syndrome.