Mamas move for health awareness

Clover ThumbThe Clover Mama Afrika project has 41 Mamas throughout South Africa who care for more than 15 500 children and 2 500 elderly people by providing nutritious food daily.

Operation Hydrate to drill boreholes

Since the beginning of the year, Operation Hydrate has been on a mission to provide water to those in drought-stricken areas. Now, the organisation is going to help drill boreholes, which will bring relief to the many communities across the country that are without water.

Gallery: Operation Hydrate bringing water to dry lands

Operation Hydrate thumb Operation Hydrate is bringing millions of litres of water to the parched regions of drought-stricken South Africa. We take you on a photo tour of the fast-moving NGO in action.

Operation Hydrate takes water to dry areas

In a massive, fast-moving initiative, Operation Hydrate has raised R55-million, enabling it to take almost 28 million litres of water to some of the most parched areas of the country. Corporates, civil society and the government have all joined forces in the three-week old drive.

South Africa’s largest water drive to be launched at Nelson Mandela Foundation

South Africa is experiencing its worst drought in over 100 years. It is for this reason that the Nelson Mandela Foundation, Operation Hydrate and Proudly South African will launch the country's biggest water drive to provide relief for communities in drought stricken areas.

Operation Hydrate pours on water

Operation-Hydrate---ThumbAs the country burns under the scorching sun, South Africans are called on to help Operation Hydrate, which is taking water to the most drought-stricken regions of the country. Everyone can play their part in this critical initiative.

South Africa pours funds into drought relief

The drought in the usually lush province of KwaZulu-Natal has been identified as the worst in more than two decades. In response, the national government has poured hundreds of millions of rand into immediate measures to ease the pressure on water resources.

Guy Scott: Zambia’s impolitic white leader

His lineage bars Guy Scott from running for president – only those with Zambian-born parents may do so – but for the next 90 days he will run the nation until elections are held. Outside the country, his race is of the most significance; in Zambia, however, his ability to do the job is far more relevant.

Land claims: finding a third way in Bosparadys

Many white commercial farmers see the land-claim process as an attack. For black claimants fighting to get back land stolen by the apartheid government, it's about being made whole again. On Bosparadys farm in North West province, the two are trying to find a third way.

Wine exports break new records

South African wines continue to show growth in the markets of the world, with a reported 35% increase in overseas sales for the first three months of the year, and exports outstripping local sales for the first time.